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    SEO Course Overview

    This Specialization will teach you to optimize website content for the best possible search engine ranking. You’ll learn the theory behind Google search and other search engine algorithms; you’ll also build practical, real-world skills that you can apply to a career in digital marketing or online content development, including on-page and off-page optimization, optimizing for local and international audiences, conducting search-focused website audits, and aligning SEO with overall business strategies. Each course is intended to build on the skills from the previous course, thus we recommend you take the courses in the order they are listed. The Specialization culminates in a hands-on Capstone Project, in which you will apply your skills to a comprehensive SEO consulting task.

    Course Content

    • Complete a competitive analysis on a webpage

    • Interpret brand recognition through social media

    • Create sitemaps and robot.txt files, plan redirects, and manage site errors

    • Use a variety of SEO tools to conduct an audience analysis and develop personas of your ideal buyer

    • Use content marketing campaigns to drive higher SEO rankings

    • Build relationships with influencers to help build your audience

    • Create influencer relationships and collaborations

    • Analyze data to see which content gets the most shares

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    What You'll Learn

    Search Engines Marketing

    SEO search factors—the elements that contribute to how and where your site is displayed on the Google results page—impact how your content makes its way to your audience. In this course, we pulls back the curtain on the modern search engine, walking through the goals and intent of searching, how people search, and how search results pull up the relevant results and rank content. Along the way, our instructor points out how to capture Google featured snippets and reveals how results and programmatic site features work. He also delves into methodologies for mining results from Google to unlock new ideas and opportunities.

    Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing transcended novelty status long ago. In the modern business landscape, a healthy social media presence is a must for companies large and small. In this course, instructor shares a set of quick tips for marketing your business on social media. We shows how to manage a posting schedule and decide what—and where—you should post. Learn how to engage influencers and brand advocates, grow your personal brand, craft the perfect LinkedIn InMail message, boost organic Facebook reach and engagement, get more Instagram followers, and more. Along the way, he shares tricks for making your processes smooth and easy.

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