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Web Development Course Overview

  • Develop Professional Web Pages

    In this Introduction to Web Development course, create beautiful, multi-page websites that are responsive to screens of all types and sizes.

  • Master the Building Blocks of the Web

    Gain a strong understanding of HTML,CSS,JS and PHP, the fundamental tools of the modern web.

  • Build an Exceptional Portfolio

    Develop multiple websites and package them together to create a standout portfolio.

Your Final Project

For your final project, you’ll build a multi-page website, which can be a personal or business website, or a recreation of one of your favorite sites.

To complete the project and earn your Introduction to Web Development certificate, you’ll use a combination of skills and tools, including HTML, CSS, JS and PHP.

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What You'll Learn


Using HTML, you will learn how to structure information on a web page, with headings, paragraphs, and lists.


Once you’re familiar with CSS, you’ll begin building components and utilizing flexbox to create fluid and dynamic page


Improve your programming ability with JavaScript to write and build components. Foundational knowledge of JavaScript and object-oriented programming will enable you to enhance your work.


Learn essential concepts in object-oriented programming, including basic PHP syntax, data types, and functions.Understand core concepts and learn how to manage databases and data on a web server.

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Learn how to become the best web developer with our online classes. In this development course, you will learn how to create a website and the website’s coding and programming.

Web development is the building and maintenance of a website. It is the word that happens behind the site to make look great, work fast and perform well with a good User experience. It is a process of building websites and the coding and programming that powers the website. Web development referred to web markup and coding. It includes all related development tasks such as client-side scripting server-side scripting server and network security configuration E-Commerce development and content management system CMS development.

Importance of web development:

  • Website development is the way to make people aware of services and products you are offering, understand why your products are necessary for them to purchase or use, and analyze which qualities of your company set it apart from other websites.
  • Web development allows you to express yourself creatively on the internet.
  • Website development is an exciting career because it is always evolving and continually changing, which means you will always have the opportunity to interact with new tools and learn new skills. This field provides many opportunities for hand-on learning.

Whether you are looking to market a new business through website development or become a professional web developer Live Training Lab has a complete web development syllabus to help you achieve your goals.

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